Welcome warmly to the website of ZPH “M-X” Czesław Michałek, a leading manufacturer of plastic accessories for professional and amateur pigeon and ornamental bird breeders.

Our company, established in 1984, boasts over forty years of production experience, allowing us to create products of the highest quality appreciated by breeders both domestically and internationally. Our brand is recognized worldwide, reaching the most discerning customers through our trading partners from Poland, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Russia.

Our wide range of products has been developed based on our own breeding experiences, with a focus on both the comfort of the birds and the convenience of the breeders. Our offer is primarily aimed at wholesale customers, providing them with comprehensive solutions to their needs.


ZPH M-X Czesław Michałek

ul. Moniuszki 22A, 72-510 Wolin

+48 510 306 677

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